Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gorgeous Day in Hartley

Today was the kind of winter running day that you dream of.  I like to do my Sunday runs later in the day so I can sleep in and run in the warmer temps and I'm so glad I did that today.  My plan was to do between 2 and 3 hours in Hartley, looping around the guard rail loop and what I'll call the swamp loop, making a nice figure 8.

I started at the parking lot at the Nature Center and hit the guard rail loop first for a clockwise turn around the trail.  The trail itself was perfect, packed down but still soft from the fresh snow we received and the warm temps of the day.  I knew there was a possibility of some slippery ups and downs so I wore my Salomon Fellcross.  They proved to be the perfect shoe for the situation.  I think having the right trail shoe for the conditions is akin to choosing the right kick wax for your skis and I nailed it today.

After the guard rail loop, I cruised over to the swamp loop and then back to the parking lot.  Then, I turned around and did the same thing in the opposite direction.  Then, I turned around and did the same thing in the original direction again.  Overall, I ran 2:41 and loved every minute of it.  The temps were perfect, the sun was shining and the trail was incredible.  Great day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Podcast on Running Form and Minimalism

I'm a big fan of Dr. Mark Cucuzzella.  I've met him and worked with him in Colorado, corresponded with him through email and appreciated the work he's done for the running world.  He recently was a guest for a podcast on  He speaks on minimalism, running form and injuries.   I've always liked his approach toward minimalism.  He's an M.D. so he can speak to the science side of running, he's a highly accomplished runner so he can speak to the performance side of running and he leads clinics for thousands of people every year so he can speak in simple, understandable language to everyone.  I encourage every runner to listen to what he has to say.