Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Great Weekend of Running

Last weekend I was able to get in back to back longish trail runs on Saturday and Sunday, this weekend I was able to do the same.  Gotta love Duluth!

Yesterday, Hypo, Ryan and I ran while Schuney biked.  We started at Lester, heading up the COGGS trails.  However, after about 5 minutes on the COGGS, it was evident that they were far too icy to run on so we hopped on to the snowmobile trails and headed up.  Up over Lester we headed to Amity and climbed that trail to Jean Duluth Road, crossed the road and took a right at Vermillion, taking that to the Martin Road where we hopped on the state snowmobile and pretty much made our way back.  Adding a couple of loops here and there, Schuney, Hypo and I got in 2.5 hours of good effort.

Today, Gregg and I ran while Schuney again biked a similar course, minus the Vermillion section.  We got in about an hour and forty minutes.  My legs were very sore from yesterday's run but they were able to loosen up well and I was feeling pretty solid for most of the run.

I'm getting all of this in because I've decided to run a 50k in Arizona in January.  We'll see how that goes, I'll be thinking of it a bit as a training run but I do want to go down there fit and prepared and hopefully put in a solid effort.

So my training continues.  With this race on the horizon and others in the future, I've got an optimistic outlook about what's to come.  Patience has always been a strength of mine and though sometimes waiting can be difficult, keeping a positive attitude is helpful and provides strength.

And speaking of strength, I want to end this post with a video of some bad ass XC running.  Jon Brown, one of the main competitors in the video is a former NCAA XC Champion from the legendary Iowa State University.  Enjoy.

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  1. I like the new look of the blog! Happy 50k training!