Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Spaces New Places

This weekend was a good one for my running as I was able to discover some new terrain with the help of some friends of mine.

Saturday, Schuney, Henry and I ran at Northland Country Club, taking on the hils of that golf course.  Dave and I ran in snowshoes while Henry stayed in his road trainers.  The course was amazing to run on, full of long, grinding hills and some absolutely amazing views of Lake Superior.  For the most part, the snow was packed down pretty hard, as there's a groomed ski trail throughout most of the course.  This made the snowshoeing easy but we did hit a couple of sections where we were post holing a bit.  It's definitely a place I'll be returning to next winter for some hill training.

Sunday I ran with Gregg for just under 9 miles at a nice, easy pace.  We ran mostly along the Hartley trails, which may not be new terrain for many Duluth runners, but I pretty much never go up there.  I was impressed with the evenness of the snow packed trails, they were nearly perfect to run on.  I was in my road trainers and never once slipped.  It was really nice to have Gregg lead the way and show me some of his regular route, I'll be hitting those trails more often.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty healthy right now, my legs are pretty fresh, I've gotten a bit of speed work in but I'm still keeping my weekly mileage rather low.  I have the USSSA Snowshoe National Championships next weekend in Wisconsin and I'm feeling ready for that.  I've no idea what to expect, how I may do, but I'm certain that I'm at least physically and mentally ready to race.  The unknowns are how fast my competitors are and what the snow conditions will be.  I can only go and do my best and see where that takes me.

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