Friday, July 22, 2011


No, I don't have a problem, I'm totally in control of my shoe buying.  I can quit anytime I want.  It's just that I don't WANT to quit right now.  Shoes are simply too fun!

From racing flats to trail shoes, from road trainers to minimalist shoes, I've had them all over the years.  Every catagory, nearly every brand, in an entire spectrum of colors.  My all time favorite being these beauties:
Mizuno Phantom
The Mizuno Phantom.  The best shoe ever made!  I bought a pair of these in 1999 and my feet partied in them for quite some time.  I still have the same pair, boxed up in my closet.  I break them out on occasion, when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Among the others shoes that are sharing closet space with my beloved Phantoms and those that I'm running in today, are these:

My Arsenal

Shoes, I've convinced myself, are not an indulgence.  They are a necessity for enhancing the running experience.  They aid in your swiftness your agility.  They offer protection and speed.  And dammit, they're really cool!

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