Monday, August 8, 2011

5 Days in Boulder

That John Denver guy knew a thing or two.  I'm out in Boulder, Colorado right now for some work and play.  Newton running has brought us out here for a two day coaching class and a 3 day retail summit.

It's been great being out here.  The sun is always shining, the views of the flat irons and the front range are tremendous.  I just got back from a run of a little over an hour, climbing up for the first half until my heart was threatening to pound out of my chest.  I stopped for a bit at the top of a pass, took in the amazing scenery, let my heart rate calm down and then took the trail back down into town.

Walking along Pearl Street has been nice; people watching, the street performers...We've had some really good food and met some interesting people.  And I've learned a TON!  I'm also pretty excited because one of the speakers we get to meet today is Olympic Gold Medalist, Frank Shorter.  The man who possibly single handedly started the running boom in America.  That will be fun.

Still, I do miss Duluth.  The trails, the lake, the view from Hawk's Ridge, the peonies at the Rose Garden...and I can't wait to get home.

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